About Us

We are mobile professionals with can-do attitude. Our special skills are in the imaging area - both sofware and hardware. We have a long working experience in mobile industry; embedded software, mobile peripherals, low level software, etc. Learning new things is fun, cool technologies are constantly emerging and they bring new possibilities. Just recently we experimented OpenCV and created our own image processing pipe including all algorithms from scratch. OpenCV provides good tools for 3D imaging (stereoscopics) and augmented reality applications with GPU acceleration.

Playing with gadgets is a good source for new ideas and also for understanding what can be done; as we all know innovative ideas can save a lot of money and improve the schedules. To improve our own auto white balance (AWB) algoritm in our image processing pipe, it was essential to be able to measure the color temperature. Existing devices were quite expensive and hard to get so we created a color temperature measuring device based on Arduino, "bill of material" was just 40 Euros.

Check out also the Totally Wireless Bird House using Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno. This is state of the art bird house using solar cell panel to charge a small battery which keeps Raspberry Pi alive and uploading images online.

Raspberry Pi CSI onboard cameras have arrived, here is how to get the raw image data for OpenCV processing.

Inspired by increasing demand of crypto functions we show you how to use the OpenCV to test pseudo random number generators.

Latest Posts (May 14, 2015)

A new nesting season has started. The new nest was briefly checked May 3rd by one blue Tit, then after a while building really started May 22th. The first eggs were laid May 7th. You may check how the nesting proceeds.

Previous Post (Apr 1, 2015)

Last summer we were following a succesfull blue Tit nesting with a CSI 5MPix NOIR camera and an IR LED. In the beginning there were nine eggs and out of those two birds managed to the wild.

There was life from the very beginning, this was the first image when camera was powered on. A blue Tit was looking right to the camera:)